As an industry, we work with Healthcare Professionals (HCPs), Healthcare Organizations (HCOs) and Patient Organizations to develop cutting-edge technology that treats patients affected by rare and life threatening neurological genetic diseases. We believe open and transparent communication about the work we do with these parties fosters an essential trust among patients, HCPs, and government officials. As a commitment to transparency, we publish payments or transfers of value to HCPs, HCOs and Patient Organizations who have worked with us to make progress in the treatment of neurological genetic diseases.

Access the following published payments to HCPs, HCOs and Patient Organizations below. If you’d like more information, please send your questions to

Transfers of Value to HCPs and HCOs


Country Title  
Belgium Belgian Disclosure Platform
Finland Disclosure Report
  Methodological Note
France French Disclosure Platform
Germany Disclosure Report
  Methodological Note
Italy Disclosure Report
  Methodological Note
Netherlands Dutch Disclosure Platform
  R&D Report
  R&D Methodogical Note
Spain Disclosure Report
  Methodological Note
Sweden Disclosure Report
  Methodological Note
United Kingdom UK Disclosure Platform

Support to Patient Organizations

2018 Support to Patient Organizations